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The Camel Coat:

Classic. An investment piece that will never depreciate and should be passed down through generations. There is something nostalgic and timeless about this particular garment—a tangible way of feeling connected to the past while paving the future—and beyond that, reminding us that our clothing and legacy can live on long after we are gone. I’ve realized in my hunt for the perfect camel coat, that the image above has left an impression that cannot be ignored . . . I’m searching for my grandfather. Redesigning his coat and adding my own personal touch may be the only satisfying outcome.

Holy Grail:

– Large lapel

– Double-breasted

– At least one over-sized pocket

– Shin length

– Slit up the back

– Must, tie like a robe

Men. Women. Children. The camel coat looks fabulous on everyone, everywhere, at any time. It is the ultimate chic factor and does not discriminate, regardless of the season and changing trends. Dress it up, dress it down, wear it with all black or all white, wear it over a suit, wear it with sneakers and a hoodie. How you wear it is the easy part—finding the camel coat that will specifically suit you for a lifetime—that’s another story. For myself, the search continues, and in the meantime I have these inspirational camel coat connoisseurs to keep me motivated.

Rubinacci camel coatKanye West, GQ, Camel Coat, Wool Coat Camel Coat, Ralph Lauren, Double Breasted , Louis Vuitton, Mink Collar, Winter Coat Jackie O, Jackie Kennedy, Camel Coat, Wool CoatVintage Photo, Camel Coat, Businessman, Wool coat over suitNatalie Joos, Camel Coat, Tales Of Endearment,Garance Dore, Camel Coat, Wool Coat, Street Style , Stella McCartney Coat, The Blonde Salad, Camel Coat, NYFW, Fall2015Aimee Song, Song of Style, Camel Coat, NYFW, Fall 2015, The Eye TravelsMarilyn Monroe, New York City, Grand Central Subway, Camel Coat, Wool Coat Nick Wooster, NYFW, Camel Coat, The Eye Travels, The CutFloor Length Camel Coat, Wool Coat, New York City, Street style, Camel Coat an sneakers, Coats and Sneakers Kanye West, Camel Coat, Hoodie and Camel Coat, Jeans,  Double Breasted natasha, Street Style, Camel Coat, NYFW, The Eye TravelsMiranda Kerr, Paris Fashion Week, Camel Coat, All Black, Louis Vuitton Miranda Kerr, Camel Coat, Paris Fashion Week, Louis Vuitton  Princess Diana, Camel Coat, The Eye Travels George Cluny, Camel Coat, Wool Coat, Mario Testinojackie kennedy, camel coat, the eye travelsKate Winslet, Vogue China, Camel Coat,


1.Rubinacci × Camel Coat 

2. GQ

3. Louis Vuitton Mink Collar Camel Coat

5. Ralph Lauren

6. Jackie Kennedy

7. Vintage Bespoke Polo Coat

8. Natalie Joos

9. Garance Doré Wearing Oversized Stella McCartney Coat

10. The Blonde Salad

11. Song of Style

12. Marilyn Monroe takes the subway on March 24, 1955

13. Nick Wooster

14. Camel Coat & Sneakers 

15. Kanye West

16. Natasha Poly

17. Miranda Kerr Paris Fashion Week, Louis Vuitton Show

18. Miranda Kerr Instagram

19. Princess Diana

20. George Cluny by Mario Testino

21. Jackie Kennedy

22. Kate Winslet by Peter Lindberg for Vogue China

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