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I’m thrilled to introduce my good friend, Evan Hart, as The Eye Travels new music contributor!! Known for his love of scouting the interwebs for new sounds and artists, Evan will be bringing his talents for finding cool new music to The Eye Travels.

Music brought us together over 10 years ago, first performing chamber music together in our freshman quintet at The Eastman School of Music, then creating hilariously ridiculous (yet glam) Garage Band tunes together and now it continues with our on going conversations of the music we appreciate from John Adams to Lana Del Rey, Wagner to Yeezus. We look forward to adding some new tunes to your playlist and introducing up-and-coming artists that you may not have heard yet!

London-based songwriter and producer Shura is making a name for herself by self-releasing a steady stream of dreamy bedroom pop confections that take but a few listens to embed themselves into your brain. Each of the four singles she dropped since 2014’s sensuous Touch has planted her feet more firmly in the dark corner of a Bed-Stuy basement apartment dance party, crushing hard on the guy with ear gauges and a handlebar moustache but way too shy to do anything about it.

While at times cloyingly 80’s (see her most recent release ‘2Shy’), she hits her stride with lightly-scored tracks caressed by evanescent whispers and underlaid by an aching, regretful slow jam; it’s 4am, the club is closing, and she’s going home alone again. Shura’s lyrics grapple with foundering relationships, sexual exploration, identity crises, and subversion of cultural norms. She is looking hopelessly for the way forward, the right decision to make. Ultimately, her indecision over whether to hold together the pieces of her fracturing life or throw it all away and dance with a stranger will ensure that neither happens. But for someone so paralyzed by choices, Shura is curiously expert at channeling her confusion into wallflower anthems that are sure to make your feet move.

You may remember Shura from her 2014 viral video:


Soon you’ll be singing: “If you get my name wrong/ I won’t get pissed off/ Cause I wish I was somebody else/ You know nothing about me/ I know nothing about you/ But maybe the question? Have you ever been lost/ We can get lost/ I wanna get lost.”


Follow Shura on Twitter @weareshura

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