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Martha Stewart Weddings, Samantha Angelo, The Eye Travels, Flower Crown, Island Style Weddings, St. John USVI, Tom Ford Bronzer, SKII

I’m so honored (again!) to be prominently featured in the latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings on news stands now.

I thought this would be a great opportunity to elaborate on how I went about choosing products, my wedding  beauty routine and ways to care for your skin leading up to the big day.

First, I would like to state that I am not sponsored by any of these beauty brands, I genuinely stand by these products and use SK II (Essence) and TF bronzer everyday (although I wouldn’t mind being their brand ambassador!) Just saying.

My advice below will not be right for everyone, since the makeup you wear for a daytime wedding outdoors in the caribbean will be different from the makeup you wear for a night time wedding in Manhattan. I leave it to you to pick and choose what would work best for you personally.

When it comes to accomplishing the perfect fresh faced bridal make-up it’s all about letting your unique features speak for themselves. 

I was lucky to have my amazingly talented, perfectionist sister do my makeup. Ann owns a hair salon in Buffalo N.Y. and has a passion for all things skincare and beauty. Her style of makeup application is very natural, she always enhances the features without applying loads of unnecessary makeup. Everything I know about caring for skin and makeup I learned from my sister. Plus she always knows how to put a smile on my face and make me laugh.

Martha Stewart Weddings, Samantha Angelo, The Eye Travels, Wedding, Makeup Tips, Beauty , Ann Angelo

I’ll never forget when Ann did my makeup for prom, I had awful acne at the time and she had to spackle all of my pimples. Through pure magic she was able to make my skin look immaculate, but she gave me one hilarious piece of advice, “Whatever happens . . . do not under any circumstances go in florescent overhead lighting!!”

To get that timeless iconic look you must very subtly enhance your best features, whether it’s using a particular eye shadow/liner to bring out the color of your eyes or a minimal application of foundation to allow your freckles to show through, know your features and use them to your advantage.

Martha Stewart Weddings, Samantha Angelo, The Eye Travels, Wedding, Makeup Tips, Beauty Martha Stewart Weddings, Samantha Angelo, The Eye Travels, Wedding, Makeup Tips, Beauty , Flower Crown

The first step to capturing your very own version of the iconic bride is to begin with a clean canvas, therefore the preparations leading up to the big day will make all the difference when it comes to looking your most radiant.

  • Hydrate. It’s no secret that drinking water, a lot of water, everyday is the key to clear skin and overall good health. However it’s not always easy to consume 8 glasses a day, and because of this many, like myself, have turned to hydrating IV’s (in moderation) for the answer. Best to do the day before your wedding to give you skin that healthy moisturized glow. To compliment your internal hydrating it is also important to deeply moisturize your face topically the morning of the wedding with a hydrating face mask and leave it on for for as long as you can or until it is dry. Try SK II Facial Treatment Mask.
  • Exfoliate. It’s imperative to rid your skin of dead skin cells in order to regenerate and keep skin even, smooth and bluff out fine lines. I recommend using the Clarisonic on a daily basis.
  •  Teeth Whitening. One of the most important steps to looking youthful and vibrant. Some may opt to have them professionally whitened but for most people Crest White Stripes can do wonders without the pain and sensitivity that professional whiting application can cause. This is another step that should be done weeks leading up to the wedding and the morning of.
  •  Skin Treatments. Red and Blue LED Light Therapy. If you want to go the extra mile, try an LED full body bed light.
  •  Lashes. Although I kept mine all natural, there is no denying that beautifully full and long lashes are truly exquisite, they instantly bring attention to the eyes without looking overdone (when done correctly.) I would always go with individual lash application because you can gauge the amount that is perfect for you and it will always look much more natural. Sometimes it’s simply nice to put lashes on the outer corners, adding a little something special to the eyes, both romantic and alluring. I recently gave the gift of semi permanent lash extensions to one of my best friends for her bridal shower and she absolutely loved the results for her wedding day. I have yet to try it myself, but I’ve heard good things.

Martha Stewart Weddings, Samantha Angelo, The Eye Travels, Wedding, Makeup Tips, Beauty , Flower Crown, St. John, Hawksview Estate

Favorite Products:

One of the most important makeup decisions to achieving an iconic look is finding the perfect lip color. Unfortunately there is no one color that is perfect for everyone, since every person has a slightly different natural lip color. I believe it always looks the most classic and beautiful if you find a lip color that brings your natural shade up by one subtle hue. Basically you want the lipstick to take your natural color and give it little extra something, this will give your look a naturally stunning appearance.

My perfect natural lip:

Givenchy Crayon Contour Lip Liner Pencil #10

Givenchy Rouge Interdit 03 Secret Pink

Guerlain Rouge Automatique #162 (Used on the center of the bottom lip only)

Dusting some bronzer over the entire face and in contouring areas such as under the cheekbones and temples will give you that healthy glow that every bride longs to attain.

I used Tom Ford Bronzing Powder 01 Gold Dust, it is on the expensive side of bronzers but I will tell you I’m still using the same compact, it has lasted me over 2 years and I use it everyday. It’s well worth the investment, purely for its quality and longevity. During a recent trip home my mother told me I could use a bit more color on my cheeks, so I added Tom Ford 01 Love Lust into the mix, giving a little something special to the apples of the cheeks. 

Naturally filled in and shaped the brows are key to giving the face a finished, put together and polished look. Framing the face properly is always important. Try Tom Ford Brow Sculptor for a natural filled in brow.

The final step to every bridal makeup routine should always be Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray, this will ensure that your makeup stays perfectly in place for the entire event, even in tropical destination wedding climates! This product is a must for all.

The right makeup is essential to being confident and comfortable in your skin. Yet there is no glow quite like the glow of marrying the love of your life, the man beyond your dreams. That cannot be fabricated. So thank you Peter for making that day and everyday a fairytale.

Martha Stewart Weddings, Samantha Angelo, The Eye Travels, Wedding, Makeup Tips, Beauty , Flower Crown, St. John, Hawksview Estate, Trunk Bay, St. John Wedding

Photos by Fiona Conrad 

Wedding Gown by Samantha Angelo :-)

Flower Crown by Jessica Aubain of Roses Too

Hair by Michelle of Grapevine Salon 

Wedding by Mary Bartolucci of Island Style Weddings

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