So, this is what I found in our mailbox today….

I was the lucky recipient of a welcome letter from the NOVA Cat Clinic and Peter received a hand written note from Chanel, let me clarify, not Karl Lagerfeld, although I feel like that’s not out of the realm of possibility, I mean a note from a sales associate at Chanel’s Newbery St. location in Boston.

Meet Choupette, fashion’s favorite feline.

Let me begin by saying, my husband is SO much cooler than me, getting mail from Chanel, while I’m over here getting CC welcome cards, and I don’t mean the double C that most woman fantasize about.

And secondly, that’s what he’s been up to in Boston! I thought he had to be there for business, I guess that includes hunting down the hard to find Timeless Classic in beige and learning all about how the bag is lovingly hand-stitched by little old Italian ladies. 

(is my catnip)

So let me get this straight, I commented on how beautiful a Chanel handbag was one time, and that was Peter’s cue that I really wanted one…

Alright then, we are officially dealing with a new level of man, I’ve heard about this rare strain of men in fables, fairy-tales and horrific romantic comedies that usually star Jennifer Aniston or Kate Hudson, but I always thought it was completely made up! Well, I’m here to tell you, that Notebook sh$@ is REAL yo!! Don’t worry ladies, ideas of cloning are already underway.

So I guess the mail discrepancy worked out in my favor….;-P

Thanks Karl, oh, and one more thing, how do you keep your black clothing so perfect and fur free??? What’s your secret?? The magic of Chanel I guess…or you probably spend 10 million to breed a special pristine white non-shedding cat with blue eyes.

 I’m sorry to say Karl, your sweet little Choupette can’t pose like my Dublin. Show um how it’s done, Dubsman!
Now that, is style.

One would think that because of Choupette’s upbringing, you know being born and raised in a glamorous catteux in the country side of France, or maybe it’s Monaco, well either way, you would think that being able to strike a pose and smize would come naturally. Although, she is a prolific tweeter @ChoupettesDiary!

 Dublin’s records would show that he was born and raised in the rough streets of DC for the first two years of his life, until he eventually found his way to The Washington Humane Society animal shelter, much like Coco Chanel herself. Do you think that would stop him from being able to appreciate the finer things in life, like a handmade leather good? I think not.

Dublin’s Pedigree…he’s so original that they created a new word to describe him. He’s so chilt.

        Chanel Cat Competition: Choupette vs. Dublin



I didn’t attempt to put Dublin in the purse, seeing how he’s twice the size of the bag. I’ll need a solid 10 years to save up enough money to buy a Chanel tote large enough to fit sweet Nammy…Until then! Please feel free to submit your feline photo to the Chanel Cat Competition here.

Nice purrrrrrrse…sorry, couldn’t help myself!

“There is, incidentally, no way of talking about cats that enables one to come off as a sane person.” – Dan Greenberg

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