You can’t have espresso without Gucci sugar…

Lifestyle “From fashion to items dedicated to leisure and recreational activities, Gucci’s style is reflected in every moment of daily life. From the opening of the first store in Florence in 1921, Guccio Gucci offered his distinguished clientele giftware and souvenirs, a creative process which has continued through the years, transforming his products into cult items: thermos holders and picnic sets, parlor games, table lamps, and sets of glasses and, more recently, even an electric guitar. Home or away, these are the items which complete the Gucci lifestyle.”- GucciMuseo

 My favorite part of the museum was the gown room, none of the gowns are behind glass so you’re able to get your face right up to them and examine the true artisty of the design and exquisite materials. There’s something special about being able to look at every little detail and the intricate bead work, photos just can’t do these couture gowns justice, you really have to see them in person. I probably stayed in that room for 30 minutes just admiring the pure beauty. The Evan Rachel Wood gown with the feathers and sequins was mind blowing, I can’t imagine how many hours of hand stitching went into its creation. 

Evening “Gucci’s evening wear is designed to be worn on the red carpet and to the most exclusive events on the international stage, from Cannes to Los Angeles and New York to Paris. Appearing regularly on the glossy pages of the world’s leading fashion magazines. Distinguished moments in the history of fashion and haute couture, celebrated through the gowns worn by the best-loved female stars in the world of cinema, stage and music. Gowns which evoke the master tailor’s skill and which reveal in self-confident beauty, on the move and at rest.” – GucciMuseo

Evening Wear

 Cameron Diaz Gown
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Blake Lively Gown 

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Evan Rachel Wood Gown

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Jessica Chastain Gown
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Salma Hayek Gown
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