The most surprising lesson that we learned during our visit to the Serengeti was that 99% of the time the animals are at peace and in perfect harmony with each other. Hyenas sharing the shade with warthogs (who are usually their prey), lions napping in close proximity to zebra, impala, topi, giraffes and jackals. Warthogs prancing dangerously close to a female cheetah. Everyone is simply co existing and enjoying the beautiful Serengeti day…until someone gets hungry. Usually it takes a lion or a cheetah getting hungry enough to hunt, a kill that feeds an entire ecosystem. Right behind our tent a lion pride took down a zebra during the night and by the morning all the substantial meat was gone and the hyenas were licking the bones and fighting over the scraps with a jackal. Then we noticed the vultures beginning to circle over head, just waiting for the hyena and jackal to finish their meal so that they may have their turn. Seeing this in person was shocking and thought provoking, survival of the fittest in the most extreme and natural form. So what can we learn from this? How is this relevant in the modernized culture we live in? I turn to this article from Forbes, Management Advice From Charles Darwin.                 (Photos taken in Tanzania by S+P)

Photo by Joe Kibwe (Our amazing guide and friend, who was born and raised in the Serengeti)
Zebra seem to be the likely prey, as comically depicted in this animalistic short film.
“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” – Charles Darwin
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