Photography / Amber Gress
Assistant / Brianna Wilson
Hair & Makeup / Johnny Gonzalez  
Setting / Tom Delavan House
Creative Director & Stylist/ Samantha Angelo


When I first laid eyes on Tom Delavan’s (Creative Director of Gilt Home) breathtaking West Village brownstone I knew that this first NYC home of ours would be the perfect landscape to creatively document our changing lives. However diminutive it was in square footage it made up for in cavernous ceilings, ornate molding, grand marble fireplaces, and shabby chic glory. It was a magical way to be introduced as a resident of New York. I quickly began to curate a collection of clothing that would appropriately enhance and compliment each space, looking to combine some old and new pieces, pieces with memories, and vintage pieces. 
A story began unfolding in my mind that would be the framework for the shoot. I wanted to visually describe how our lives were changing: newlyweds moving to Manhattan, turning 30 years old, pursuing new careers and different lifestyles, while curating clothing that represented past memories (Lilibelle dress and boudoir ensemble) present life (rose gold ringmaster dress I wore for my 30th birthday and deconstructed tux, which was a NY inspired look) and the future (my crown jewel beaded vintage dress that I stumbled upon at Manhattan Vintage and scoured every bead store on 6th Ave. to restore the opulent garment to its original perfection.) The photo shoot contains retro and futuristic elements which mirror my past, present and future self at this crossroads between my childhood and adulthood. Looking at these photos I’m able to see the woman that I’ve become and the hopes and dreams of the next decade ahead. I hope you enjoy!


…The beauty of life comes from reveling in its different stages and employing the wisdom that comes with age. 
xo Sam
A special thank you to all of those who worked on the shoot, especially Amber Gress who I was so lucky to discover almost a year ago, I fell in love with her style from the moment I saw her work. The way she uses light and the grainy darkness and deep, rich colors in her photos are memorizing, real, and dramatic. She knows exactly what she wants and is straightforward and honest in her process. Amber even took the time and effort to bring her own lighting and rented some amazing props, which she surprised me with :-) It was such a pleasure to work and play with you Amber, can’t wait for next collab! 
One more very special thank you to my prince husband, you are the greatest. Thank you for humoring me and putting on a tux in the middle of the week on a rainy day.Thank you for going along with all of my, at times, eccentric ideas. Thank you for letting me be me, and encouraging my creativity. Being your wife is a dream.
Silk Floral Brassiere / Stella McCartney
Skirt & Top / Zimmermann
Heels / Reed Krakoff
Music Room
Dress / Callula Lilibelle
Clarinet / MoBa Backun
Belt / Hushed Commotion 
Earrings / Monica Vinader
Shoes / Sergio Rossi
Drawing Room
Dress / Zimmermann
Heels / Nicholas Kirkwood
Earrings /  Dana Rebecca
Shirt / Maison Martin Margiela
Shorts / Balenciaga 
Heels / CL’s

Dress / Vintage 
Heels / Reed Krakoff
Earrings / Screaming Mimi’s
Gloves / Stella Dallas
“At certain periods of life, we live years of emotions in a few weeks, and look back on those times as on great gaps between the old life and the new.” 
– William Makepeace Thackeray
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