This first photo essay of the summer depicts the lifestyle of a young woman who resides in trend setting, fashion centric Soho, with it’s visually cutting-edge energy. She compliments that with a laid back, causally timeless and classic summer in The Hamptons. A young lady inspired by the elegance and kind, humble attitude of Grace Kelly and the colors, textures, shapes and tastes found in nature. She dresses for the fun, beauty and creativity of it by channeling a time and place. Like any first timer, she comes with some preconceived notions and her very own fresh ideas of what she wishes it to be. To influence and be influenced by its natural beauty is her true escape.

She observes: As cliche as it may sound, within moments of arriving it’s easy to see why so many people have an affinity for this serene oasis. Summer in The Hamptons is a special time when Manhattanites trade pavement and skyscrapers for backyards and pools. Although the beach is absolutely gorgeous, The Hamptons are all about lush greenery, space and privacy, a time to recharge from the bustling New York asphalt. Taking a break from walking as you cruise through the open roads, wind in your hair and music playing while inhaling the fresh country air. You begin to realize how much of a luxury it truly is to be apart of this landscape.

Look 1 
Top / Zimmermann
Trousers / Balenciaga 
Heels / Salvatore Ferragamo
5 Strand Pearl Bracelet / Etsy (Tissage)


Look 2 
Bandeau / Victoria’s Secret Swimwear
Heels / Charlene De Luca 
Necklace / Sydney Evan 

Photos by: Peter Ostrega 
Edited by: Samantha Angelo

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