St. John decided to smile for us with this gorgeous rainbow just like on our wedding day at Hawksview Estate, which can be seen in this photo half way to the top of the hill.       


The first time I floated out in these crystal clear waters and gazed back at the rolling green hills was the instant St. John grasped me in its wondrous palm; the moment the spirit of St. John and my soul intertwined and I became enamored with its pristine charm and natural beauty. During my inaugural visit to the island in 2010 I stayed with Trinidad Charlie in one of his eco-cottages in the middle of the tropical forest. It was the perfect way to be introduced to St. John, sleeping in a simple screened in room with an outdoor rain water shower and compost toilet. Not to mention I had the pleasure of hearing many of Trinidad Charlie’s stories from the island and beyond and watched him make and bottle his infamous hot sauce.

Since that time I have experienced the most unforgettable and joyous moments of my life in this unearthly sanctuary. It spoke to my infatuation with non-verbal communication and relationships that go beyond humankind, a desire to connect on an ethereal plane. Love in every sense of the word.

The more interaction one has with pure, uncorrupted nature the more open the heart becomes, stripped of all distraction the mind is able to wander and discover, the senses heightened. A time to explore the courage it takes to be alone with your own thoughts, to bare yourself emotionally and physically through the influence of this magical environment.

The eye catching shades of electric neon and iridescence of the under world captured my imagination and childlike curiosity. I can’t imagine anything more profoundly stylish than the fascinating colors, designs, patterns, shapes, textures and movements under the sea. It reminds us that there is always more than meets the eye, you have to be willing to search for it.

My inspiration for this shoot comes from the desire to be a part of St. John’s spirit, being draped in greenery and flowers to somehow capture its primal essence and the exhilarating feeling of wanting so desperately to be a part of another world that lures and seduces below the surface, the longing for life aquatic.

Photos / Steve & Janet Simonsen

Further editing / Samantha Angelo

Flower bikini / Jessica Aubain – RosesToo

Metallic Bronze Swimsuit / Gucci

Goggle / Speedo

Sequin Dress / Parker

 Location / Trunk Bay, St. John USVI

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