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~A unique ability to combine high art and pop culture~

Irony, humor, parody, pastiche, artifice, theatricality, excess, extravagance, nostalgia, and exaggeration.

French – se camper – meaning to strike an exaggerated pose.

“One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art.” – Oscar Wilde

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Samantha Angelo, MET Stares, Eyes, Dress, Steps, Stairs, MET Museum, Sketch, MET Camp, Fashion Design, fashion sketch, Eyes

‘To talk about Camp is to betray it’

Therefore I’ll only say it was the study of this topic and my own personal interpretation that lead me to this design. Miraculously an idea bolt struck me on April 1st at around 6:30pm. With a glistening Miami sunset in my eye I saw it and for the first time I started sketching. What you see above is exactly what came out. ⁣

⁣First the dress, then after exploring the meaning of the look, the next day I envisioned the hat. The eyes, the stares, came last—the icing on the cake. In 24hrs and the full look was conceived.⁣

Followed by weeks of experimenting with the eyes and construction, trying different paints, different techniques, I practiced for hours a day to get better and more detailed with each set. The process from start to finish was exhilarating and I’m happy to share a little glimpse into the journey with you.

Fashion, Design, Samantha Angelo, Designer, Fashion Designer, MET Stairs, MET Steps, Dress of Steps, Red Dress, Shoe Hat, Stiletto Hat, MET Camp, New York City, warhol , Andy Warhol

Film & Photos – Keziban Barry

Dress & Hat Design / Creative Direction / Model – Samantha Angelo

For custom design inquires –

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